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Becoming a Volunteer Usher

Become a Fox Theatre Volunteer Usher  

The Fox Theatre is  NOT currently accepting applications for volunteer ushers. Please check back in May to submit your application for the upcoming season.  

Here are the 2 most frequently asked questions on volunteering as an usher at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis:

How do I become a volunteer usher?
The first step to becoming a volunteer usher is to apply by printing our online application.

When the next interview/training session is offered, many applicants will receive an e-mail from the Fabulous Fox with details. 

After your interview, applicants must wait for the invitation to join the usher team and your assigned initial performance.

What are the usher job requirements?
Applicants must:
  - be 18 years or older
  - have a valid email and mailing address
  - have good communication and interpersonal skills
  - commit to volunteer for one year
  - be able to attend a minimum of 60% of all assigned performances of a variety of shows which includes Broadway musicals & plays, concerts, children’s productions, movies, etc.  Those ushers unable to attend the minimum requirement of performances are released from the usher program.
  - understand and meet the physical requirements that include climbing stairs, assisting patrons to seating areas, standing for long periods of time and handing out Playbills.   Volunteers work in all areas of the Fox Theatre including the main lobby, auditorium, event rooms, balcony and areas with dimly lit lighting, therefore strong eyesight is a must.
  - wear the assigned professional usher uniform.



Current Volunteers

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