Feb 21, 2018

A spectacular celebration of the iconic 1939 MGM film, The Wizard Of Oz will blow you away from the moment the tornado touches down and transports you to a dazzling Oz, complete with munchkins and flying monkeys. Hurry and purchase tickets to see the show February 23 - February 25 at Metrotix.com.


Have you visited St. Louis before (for any reason)?
Yes, see below!

Have you performed in St. Louis before? If yes, where and what show were you in?
Yes, I was in St. Louis last year with the National Tour of Fame the Musical.  We performed at the Touhill Performing Arts Center.

1. What was the first show you saw on Broadway?
The first show I saw on Broadway was the Revival of Hair in 2011.  I didn’t know about the nudity in the show, so I decided to bring my family to see the show.  I still remember the look on my mother’s face when suddenly the whole cast was naked!

2. When did you know you wanted to perform for a living?
I knew I wanted to perform for a living at a very young age.  I was 8 years old when I auditioned for a reality show called American Juniors.  I made it to the Top 60 and realized that I could make a living doing something I love!  I haven’t looked back since.

3. What is the biggest challenge performing in this show?
The biggest challenge in performing this show is maintaining the stamina and focus to play a variety of characters.  As a member of the ensemble, I play a number of characters including a Munchkin, Tree, Winkie, Ozian, and Jitterbug.  This is what I love about the show and the ensemble— it keeps you on your toes and helps to stretch your capacity for character development.

4. What advice do you have for aspiring performers?
My advice to aspiring performers; find and trust what is unique about yourself.  I have never fit the mold of a typical “musical theatre performer”.  It wasn't until I embraced my differences instead of fighting them that I have been able to truly value myself as a performer and individual.

5. What are you most looking forward to seeing in St. Louis?
On this tour we have had the pleasure of performing in a variety of venues all around North America.  The Fox has been one of the venues that I have been looking forward to the most!  The theatre is so beautiful,and I can’t wait to share this classic story with audiences in St. Louis.