Jan 17, 2018

Getting to Know the Show: School of Rock

Sharpen your pencils, get out those books and tune that guitar – lets get ready to rock!

The Story: Are You Ready to Rock?

The show introduces Dewey Finn, a guy with only one passion: rock and roll. After Dewey’s band No Vacancy sends him packing, he is forced to find other means to make ends meet. He poses as a substitute teacher at Horace Green Preparatory School and teaches his students how to make music. He soon realizes his students’ musical abilities and together they join forces to form a rock group to vanquish the Battle of the Bands.

The Characters: Meet the Band

All your favorite SCHOOL OF ROCK characters are back for this Broadway production. Dewey is accompanied by Ned Schneebly, Dewey’s best friend, who’s given up his old rocker days for life as a grade school teacher. Rosalie Mullins, who serves as the uptight principal at Horace Green that eventually learns how to let loose and kick up her heels. But let’s not forget the cast of insanely talented boys and girls that make up the SCHOOL OF ROCK band and their posse.

The Setting: Back to School

From the big screen to the big stage, SCHOOL OF ROCK combines the two worlds of the new musical: one prim and proper and the other pure rock ‘n’ roll. Scenic and costume designer, Anna Louizos, crafts the stage into a classroom ruled by talented young actors. Each character has their own inspired mood board that helped Anna to create their rock ‘n’ roll costumes. Inspired by the original movie, SCHOOL OF ROCK takes you on a journey from classroom to concert stage.

The Music: Stick It to the Man

A cast of super-talented kids don’t just sing exquisitely and dance with infectious abandon, they also play their own instruments! Each member of the band elevates the show to new levels with their skilled musicianship.  This smash hit features 14 new songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber and all the original songs from the movie that we know and love.

SCHOOL OF ROCK is a crowd-pleasing production that highlights the transforming power of music right before your eyes. This is one ecstatic head-banging, guitar-shredding, bass-slapping, mind-blowing rock band performance that you don’t want to miss! Dewey may not be rich or successful, but he sure knows how to rock ‘n roll. As do we in St. Louis, so let’s Rock On!